Oh happy days!

pretty poetry for pretty seasons:

the leaves have settled over muddied ground
and buried whispers.
the birds crane their necks to the
subtle cuckoo in the air
surrounding the interlocked fingers
and intertwined weeds
crawling beneath footprints
flowers sprouting from
deep imprints on
love laced soil.

the birds and the bees,
have taken rest today,
none as sweet as
the metamorphosis of
butterflies settling
in the fleshy tract
of the beloved.

10:44 am  •  15 April 2014  •  1 note
Melting Point

and when I said hello
baby there was no
going back.
I have tried to rewind the
fingers brushing,
eye contact,
the dust has settled
over the retinal lens,
as dusty as the
rose tinted lenses
you bought when
the snow mounds piled
too damn high.
the receipt was in the paper bag,
no returns,
you underlined in blood and
red ink.

ice crusted chest and
stale tea freezing by
the windowsill.

the seasons changed quicker for you.

11:32 am  •  25 March 2014  •  2 notes
thirst quencher


when you gave me lemons i walked to the nearest grocery store and bought a bottle of fucking nice lemonade. two things that i’ve learnt today: i don’t need you, and maybe i should be in a bad mood just a little more often.

4:11 am  •  23 March 2014  •  2 notes